EMPower challenges students and teachers to consistently extend their ideas of what it means to do math.

Conceptual Understanding in the Math Classroom

ѱʴǷɱ™is a series of seven titles written by adult education professionals and field-tested in adult education programs. The series addresses the tremendous need adults have for a more solid math foundation upon which higher level math can then be built.EMPowerhelps adults develop mathematical proficiency to more effectively engage with the world, whether that be at work, at home, in the community, or as they seek high school credentials and further education and training. The math is taught conceptually through collaborative activities and real-world applications for adults.

EMPower can be used as a primary instructional material for all levels of students, or to supplement the curriculum you are already using. Each title in the series challenges students and teachers to consistently extend their ideas of what it means to do math. The series focuses on mathematical reasoning, communication, and problem solving with a variety of approaches and strategies, not just rote memorization and symbol manipulation. It embeds teacher support and is transformative for multilevel classrooms.

Learning with EMPower

The goal of EMPower is to help adults and adolescents manage themathematical demands they meet in the various aspects of their lives.EMPower moves away from having students memorize formulas and follow procedures. Instead, students:

  • explore ideas in open-ended investigations,
  • engage in activities that relate to their lives,
  • investigate concepts,
  • make connections among math topics,
  • work collaboratively, share ideas orally and in writing,
  • discover multiple ways to solve problems,
  • apply mathematics to everyday situations, and
  • see relationships between situations, graphs, tables, and equations.

What students say about EMPower

We work as a team. Our answers come from one another ... [then] we work it out ourselves.