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Welcome to my first Etsy Shop review! This will be a continuing series, either monthly or maybe bimonthly. None of these will be sponsored unless otherwise specified. These are actual shops I use products from myself. If you own an Etsy shop that sells book merch or any book related items, and would like to be featured, please e-mail me.

Etsy is clearly a large platform with many, many talented people. It’s also a great place to find something that’s either vintage, handmade, or simply unique! The handmade items I’ve ordered have always exceeded my expectations. Another plus to ordering from Etsy is that you’re supporting smaller businesses and creators!

I’ve broken this post down into three different sections: Her intro, a mini-interview, and then my review at the end.



The shop is run by a very sweet girl named Karina but I’ll let her introduce herself!LovelyLittleMkt Etsy Shop Review | Bookish Fawn

“Hey guys! I’m Karina from, where I share money and time saving tips, and, an Etsy shop with bookmarks aimed at motivating people to read more. I’m a twenty-something Miami girl, newlywed, soon-to-be momma, and Industrial Engineer. I love to read on my downtime on my cozy couch and find that having a cute/inspirational bookmark can help motivate me to find time to read. We are all busy, but taking time to read and recharge is much needed. I am always looking for new quotes/puns/sayings for my future bookmarks, so feel free to send any suggestions to”

Karina’s shop consists of a variety of bookmarks that are perfect for readers. Some of them have motivational phrases and some could be gifted depending on the holiday or situation. She also has bookmarks for those coffee obsessed (me) readers.

LovelyLittleMkt Etsy Shop Review | Bookish Fawn
This would be a lovely gift for the book loving Mother or Mother figure!



1. How do you decide which quotes to use on your bookmarks?

I get inspiration from different places. Sometimes, loved ones will share quote ideas, like my husband who came up with “The book stops here”. Other times I’ll get inspired by images/photography.

2. What made you choose bookmarks over other bookish items?

Bookmarks can easily be taken anywhere, which is why I love them. You can be anywhere in the world, including on a plane, with your book + bookmark, and you’re set.

3. What’s the best part of selling motivational bookmarks?

I love the whole process of getting an order. It’s fun to gift wrap each bookmark and write a letter to my buyer. I also love when buyers take pictures of their bookmarks and tag my Instagram (@lovelylittlemkt). It’s exciting to know that these bookmarks are all over the world.

4. Your blog and shop are pretty different. What made you want to sell book merch rather than something more related to your blog?

That’s a great question. I’m an Engineer, so I’m definitely a nerd at heart and my blog reflects that. I love finding ways to optimize time and money so it’s fun and challenging for me. I’m currently working on an Excel template that’s automated so that it can simplify budgeting for my readers. My Etsy shop, on the other hand, challenges my creative side. I enjoy coming up with new designs and adding my personal touch to each order. They are both very different, but extremely fulfilling.

5. Which one of your bookmarks is your favorite?

One of my favorites is “Don’t Quit Your Daydream”. The image of a beach, with hues of pink/blue remind me of the sunrise, one of my favorite sights in nature. I also love the saying because it’s the daily reminder many of us need to not give up. Persistence and dedication will ultimately lead to success.


LovelyLittleMkt Etsy Shop Review | Bookish Fawn
A little more variety of what she offers.


My Review

When I first went through Karina’s Etsy shop, I was pleasantly surprised! I absolutely love the quotes on her bookmarks. Some are motivational, some are serious, and she has a few funny ones as well. She was kind enough to offer me a free bookmark, which I appreciated.

I was honestly simply expecting something like a cheap bookmark sent in a plain envelope.

What I got instead was a well packaged bookmark that was not cheap or flimsy in the slightest. It felt very durable.

I’ve been using the bookmark a lot since I got it and it still looks exactly the same as when it arrived. This is probably one of the best bookmarks I’ve come across that wasn’t made of plastic, which I love.

She also wraps each bookmark before sending them out so the care and effort she puts into her orders is very much appreciated. You can tell she cares about her customers, and the personalized note she included in the package was a lovely touch.

I think her bookmarks are fantastic and the quotes could possibly help you out by boosting your motivation. My bookmark certainly reminds me to keep chasing my dreams.

I chose to go with the bookmark pictured below. My photography skills are subpar at best but at least you can see the bookmark (ha).

So all in all, I love her products and would highly recommend browsing her shop!

You might find a bookmark you love!


LovelyLittleMkt Etsy Shop Review | Bookish Fawn


LovelyLittleMkt Etsy Shop Review | Bookish Fawn



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