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If you take a look around my blog, you’ll easily notice that I’ve been incredibly sporadic with my posts since I started this blog – much more than most book bloggers you and I might come across. This year, I’m going to try extremely hard to get more posts out, specifically book reviews.

It doesn’t make me feel great because I fall behind on any ARCs I receive and I just want to try to get the author their review as quickly as I can. Life tends to get in the way of that though and I’m sure many people can relate. Maybe you’re in a book slump instead, or your mental health isn’t doing too great, which I can certainly relate to as well.

Most of my reading slumps come from my depression and anxiety. I should take my own advice but if you’re a fellow blogger who falls behind sometimes because of your mental health, that’s okay. Your health is a top priority. That said, 2020 was hellish enough so let’s all try to relax, heal, and enjoy this year. 🙂


If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen me tweet about horses or a ranch I volunteer at, and that’s what keeps me the busiest. I went to school for animal care and the ranch is what I chose as my internship. I’ve since graduated but am still fully committed to helping the rescue.

You might also go to school, have a job, have children, or some mix of those together (props to you guys!). Whatever the case may be, we could all use a little more time to read and satisfy that bookworm itch.

I’ve compiled a list of some things that I do as well as some things I’ve seen/heard others do that help them carve out more time to read. Some of these are new tactics for myself as well so we’ll see how it goes!

I hope you can utilize some of these tips in your own life! Enjoy!


1. Wake Up Earlier

This might not be the most popular choice but waking up even 15 minutes early can knock out a few pages of your book before getting the day started! It’s also a more relaxing way to wake up rather than reaching for my phone before my eyes are even open all the way. 😉

This is a tip I personally do myself but lately it’s been only on my days off since I wake up early on a fairly regular basis to begin with, and I’m not a morning person AT ALL.

I say give this tip a try for at least a week, or a few of your days off to see how you feel as well as how much extra reading you can get done! If it works for you, wonderful! If it doesn’t, maybe one of the other tips below can help you.

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2. Turn The TV Off

This one is kind of a no brainer but how many of us actually keep track of how much tv/other types of media we consume?

Not only does stepping away from the television or the internet have benefits in it’s own right, that also just leaves you more time to get a few extra chapters in!

If you’re like me and are glued to a show but still want to increase your page count, let the ads or commercials run naturally and read during those! We all hate commercials and want to slam the ‘skip ad’ button when possible, but try to resist that and open your book instead. You’ll be surprised how quickly the pages add up!

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3. Set Goals

I’m not particularly great at meeting many of the goals I set out to achieve because I tend to go big and bite off more than I can chew. I’ve started to incorporate smaller, bite-sized reading goals into my days and I can notice a difference!

As much I would like to set a goal on Goodreads about reading however many books a year, every time I look at that number I just get overwhelmed and fall further behind.

Try setting a small goal like reading 2 chapters before you go to sleep at night, or challenge yourself not to put the book down until you’ve read 50 pages. Smaller goals like that are easier to accomplish, which ultimately keeps you motivated to keep going.

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4. Always Have A Book With You

This is a tried and true tip for getting in more reading time. In high school, I was known primarily as the girl who always had a book with her. I would read on the bus to school, outside the class before the bell, during lunch, and even during class when my assignments were done (which both impressed and bothered certain teachers, ahaha).

If you always have a book with you, or even your phone, you’d be surprised at how just a few minutes of reading throughout the day can really add up!

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5. Read Multiple Books At Once

I personally cannot do this to save my life. I have a one track mind when it comes to books and often get so immersed in one that if I try to read two books at the same time, it feels jarring to jump back and forth.

If you’re the opposite though, this is a wonderful idea to try! It may also help to actually read one book while having the second book be an audiobook that you can listen to. That way, you could potentially read at home or when you have down time, and still listen to the audiobook during commutes or while you’re doing chores.

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6. Read While You’re Multi-tasking

Depending on the activity you’re doing, it might be easier to squeeze in some extra pages while you do mundane tasks, such as listening to audiobooks while doing chores as I mentioned above.

If you’re good at cooking, you could prop up a book nearby or flip on an audiobook. This also applies to working out! I personally prefer audiobooks during workouts because I sincerely don’t understand how people can manage to read a book while jogging on the treadmill. Hah.

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Do you use any of these tips to get in more reading time? Do you have any tips of your own?? If so, share them with me – I’d love to know! (:


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