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I’m bad at writing those long, beautiful book reviews that you see from everyone on Goodreads. I’m not much of a talker so I find it difficult to find a lot to say and feel like I can sum it up in a few sentences or so.

Ideally I’d like to write the long reviews as I think the author deserves a longer, more insightful review. I simply can’t do that for every book I read, though it doesn’t mean I undervalue the book in any aspect.

So, today I’m doing 3 mini book reviews from books that I’ve read over the last few months. Enjoy!


Mini Book Reviews | Bookish Fawn1. The Legacy by S.P. Brown

Harry Black has a curse he doesn’t understand, or could it be a gift he can’t escape? He’s the last heir of a dying clan, but there’s a problem. To inherit, he must fulfill the only stipulation in the will—accept the Black family Legacy..

The Legacy was certainly a roller coaster of a book, but definitely in a good way. At first glance, this might seem like a book with a somewhat odd plot due to the paranormal thriller aspect being mixed in with a political subplot but Brown weaves everything together very nicely. It reminded me a bit of something James Patterson might write and for being a debut book, it certainly didn’t feel like it.

I enjoyed following along with Harry and Ginny on their journey and I found all of the characters to be well rounded. I very much look forward to reading this author’s other books. If you like paranormal or thriller books, don’t miss out on this read! 4.5/5

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2. Emma’s Gift by Katherine MayfieldMini Book Reviews | Bookish Fawn

Emma’s Gift is a celebration of the soul connection between animals and humans–the eternal, loving bond that transcends the physical dimension. Packed with amazing insights about our current civilization and the human-animal bond, this heartwarming memoir will touch your heart and broaden your perspective on the nature of Life itself.

If you’re an animal lover, you might want to grab some tissues before reading this. If you’re not an animal lover, just…why? Katherine’s story of her cats is so touching and lovely, I absolutely adored this little gem. It brought tears to my eyes basically every single page but mostly in a good way. The way she talks about the reincarnation of her cat was interesting and very thought provoking.

I personally related really well to what she wrote but even if you don’t, this book still encourages you to think outside the box a little and it brings to light the question of whether animals have spirits or not as well as the general topic of reincarnation. I definitely recommend reading this book regardless of what you believe. 5/5

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3. Semblance by Amr NasserMini Book Reviews | Bookish Fawn
Semblance is an artificial intelligence that generates fake human faces indistinguishable from real ones. For the first time in history, people are presented with high-quality human faces that have never existed. What could this possibly mean to them?


Even though Semblance is a short story, it’s one heck of a ride. I genuinely wish for this to be made into a full length novel. I do not like AI but the concept is intriguing and the author leads you to really think about the future and where we’re headed with technology.

This story left me with a mind numbing question, but whereas I want answers from novels that do this, the fact that this is a short story somehow makes it almost okay not to have the answer. The author seems well versed in his research and certainly knows how to weave words together in an interesting way.

I certainly recommend this story to anyone interested in technology and the future. I’d honestly recommend that everyone give this a shot as I do think it brings up an important topic – one that I think we’re [terrifyingly] headed towards. 4.5/5

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I enjoyed these books immensely and I hope if you decide to give them a shot, you enjoy them too!


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  1. Jules_Writes

    February 14, 2019 at 9:53 pm

    I quite like reading a mini review and writing them every so often. Semblance sounds interesting and the cover is creepy, I do love when a short story makes you want a novel-length version.

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