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Why must a 19th-century woman obey the wishes of her father over the desire of her own heart in matrimony? Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Can a woman find happiness on a remote island, isolated from her family and friends?

Nineteen-year-old Ellen Montagu is a young, aristocratic Irish woman new to the alluring social scene that exposes her to extravagant balls and the rituals of courting. She soon falls in love with Lord Cormac Guinness of Ardilaun, but her father has other plans for her. Unclear why her father, the Duke of Manchester, so ardently wishes her to marry Mister Aodhan Martin, Lady Ellen must choose between marrying a man she does not love or face exile on the Aran Islands.


“Normal Book Review”

My little bookworm freakout will be under this so enjoy that too, k?

Being a lover of both historical fiction and the beautiful country of Ireland, I was thrilled to get a chance to read this, and let me tell you I was not at all disappointed!

Since this is based in Ireland, it’s already pretty easy to picture the surroundings but with the way the author describes everything in a very clear and concise manner with plenty of details, you easily find yourself immersed in 19th century Ireland. It genuinely felt at times like being transported back into this time period and location.

I personally fell immediately in love with the relationship between Lady Ellen and Cormac. It was nice that Ellen wasn’t just ‘some Duke’s daughter’ and that she actually had a personality of her own, and was very vocal about her opinions that she maybe shouldn’t have had, being a Duke’s daughter. Cormac, a Lord who is courting Lady Ellen, was also a very well written character right off the bat. It was interesting to see the nuances between how the wealthy (both ‘well-bred’ and ‘ill-bred’) characters differed back in that time.

When I was reading the main conflict of the book, mostly the chapters about a young man named Grady, I’ll admit that I did not like him at all at first. That, of course, was my own personal bias because he is also an extremely lovely and well rounded character. I was just hardcore team Cormac all the way…well, most of the way. Ahem. The more we learn about Grady though, the more interesting the story starts to become – as he may not be entirely who he let’s people on to believe.

Throughout the story, Lady Ellen goes through quite a bit of character development, which is always fantastic to see. I loved seeing her grow as a character with her perspective on things changing, while still keeping those feisty traits that made her who she was.

The author also sprinkled a good amount of Irish Gaelic in this book, which was a lovely surprise and a very nice historical touch. It of course comes with translations, in both the physical book and e-book.

Overall, I absolutely adored this book and would recommend it to anyone who loves historical romances, Ireland, love triangles, or female main characters that aren’t entirely just two dimensional.

5/5 stars for this gem!


Personal Freakout Moment

*Basically spoiler free.*

Okay, so what the hell dude. Lmao. This 100% should not be called a “Historical Romance” novel, it should be considered a “Historical Emotional Roller Coaster” instead.

The story already tugged at my heartstrings plenty of times but the ending of this book made me want to chuck it across the room.

Here’s a quick breakdown of my “love interest” thoughts:

“Aw, Cormac seems nice.”

“Yes, definitely love Cormac.”

“Who the hell is Grady, instantly dislike.”

“Okay, he’s not so bad, Grady seem’s cool.”

“Yay, Cormac’s here. But also…Grady..”

“Yep, team Grady now, 100% best dude ever. I want one of him.”

And then Cormac is just like:


EXCUSE ME? NO. NO, NO, NO, NO. #bitter

I just don’t know how to cope with the ending of this book. ;~; I don’t know much about keeping your word back in the 19th century but Ellen, I SWEAR.

Well, onto book #2 and back into the fire for more emotional damage, no doubt. LOL.

I very, very much recommend this book and would encourage giving it a shot!



The Author

jg-macleod-author-lady-ellenAward-winning author J.G. MacLeod has always been an avid reader and writer. As a child, she was drawn to putting pen to paper so that she could record the people and places she would create inside her mind. As a young adult, she earned a university degree in Honors English and history due to her keen interest in nineteenth-century studies.

Ms. MacLeod then went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Education and has spent the past sixteen years teaching. She taught creative writing, English and social science for most of those years, but she has also spent time as a guidance counsellor and working with students with developmental disabilities. She loves encouraging students to find their own voices through writing and believes that every single person has a story to tell.

You can learn more about her and her other books through these links:


Amazon: Amazon Link

Twitter: @jgmacleodauthor



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